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- Nowadays, the fuel supply system on new generation cars, motorcycles using fuel injection by injectors and controlled by an electronic system. Injector is a very important actuator in fuel supply system, although the electronic control system have been diagnosed and identified faults by MOTOSCAN. However, if the electronic system is not at fault but the faults is caused of mechanical reasons (e.g. Dirty, stuck, leak…), it will affect on quality of A/F rate, fuel and cause environmental pollution.
- Especially in some case, the fuel supply in some countries is not clean, after about 10,000km operation, the injector need to be maintained, cleaned and checked periodically. Cleaning equipment for injector is essential in the regular maintenance and repair of new generation automobiles and motorcycles using PGM-FI/ FI / EFI technology at the workshops today.
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- Applied for all types of injectors using in all modes vehicle in the market
- Using as a fuel injector maintaining, checking tool for the workshops
- Study tools and training equipments for automotive/motorcycle vocational training

The operation process of the equipment
- Ultrasonic cleaning (rinsing and cleaning by Ultrasonic)
This function is used rinse, synchrony clean injectors using ultrasonic to destroy and reject dirties such as carbon sticking in the injectors

- Uniformity/Spray ability test (high pressure discharge, check quality and quantity injection)
This function is used to rinse and discharge with high pressure and check injection quantity of each injector, compare with the standard injector of the injectors or together. The device has a backlight to help the user see the injection quality of the fuel spray as stability, spray angle; fuel flow... Equipment is designed with fuel recovery system for repeated use.

- Leakage test (fuel leakage checking)
This function is to check the tightness of injectors and slow drop of injector under the pressure of systems as real pressure on vehicles or more.

- Injecting flow test (discharge checking)
This function is to check injecting flow within 15 seconds when control electric pulse is fixed

- Auto. Test (automatically testing)
This function is to check the discharge of the injectors in the different working conditions are performed by the automatic programming of devices like the car mode.

- On-vehicle cleaning (directly injector cleaning function on cars)
This function is designed to combine with the pairs of different conjunction to clean the injectors directly and all fuel supply system on the car.
Part 1
Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5
- Apply powerful ultrasonic technology cleaning, entirely clean the injector
- Fuel pressure control via a microcontroller system: supply, stable pressure control and large tuning range, suitable for all EFI vehicles and support automatic cleaning mode and check visual inspection of the injector.
- With assistance, the control processor system inside and the digital screen display, this automatic cleaning equipment can test nozzle spraying, amount and real-time monitoring of activities as the car.
- Fuel discharged automatically through preset programs for a number of tests and detergents can also be done by pressing a button on the control panel after the test.
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