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Product code: MS003
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- Electric meter is an important tool to measure, check electric signals and diagnose fault for automobile/motorcycle electric repairer by traditional method.
     + Measuring, checking generator voltage, battery, sensors …
     + Checking connection of circuit, open circuit or short circuit
     + Measuring, checking current intensity on load control circuit
     + Measuring injection frequency
     + Checking electronic components in ECU: resistors, diodes, capacitors, transistor and circuit line.

- However, the market does not have much specialized, accurate meter with good quality, high confidence, almost meter only measure connection of circuit, other measurement is not confidence. On market, there are many kinds of meters so repairer is difficult to select a suitable, confidence type for using.

CAR METER - High quality meter used for measuring electric on cars & motorcycles. A good choice for cars and motorcycles electric measuring. This is a high quality, accurate, reliable and easy to use product. 
- Used for repairing electric, electronic of cars and motorcycles and other electronic device.
- Being educational tools for Cars and motorcycle electronic vocational training
- This product has used and checked in automobile/motorcycle electronic training courses of DTDAuto for many years.
- Automatic range selection
- Measuring 12V AC voltage, 24V DC voltage of electric system on cars & motorcycles
Example: measure battery capacity as below:
12,00 V: Battery capacity is approximately 25%

12,20 V: Battery capacity is approximately 50%

12,40 V: Battery capacity is approximately 75%

12,60 V: Battery is fully charged 100%
- Measuring DC voltage/current of interrupted ignition signal (IGt, IGC), interrupted fuel injection signal (Ti) and solenoid valve control signals (pulse band change signal type).
- Measuring, checking AC voltage of sensors have electric pulse signal as G, Ne, SPD, ABS…
- Measuring DC voltage in body circuit and AC voltage in electric chargers and transformer.
- Measuring resistance (measuring resistance, checking diode, checking connection of circuit)
- Measuring capacitance of the capacitors
- Measuring injection frequency
- Auto turn off power if you do not use within certain time period to save battery.
- Voltage (AC/DC): 0-600 V
- Current (AC/DC): 0-10A
- Resistance: 0-40 MΩ
- Capacity: 40 nF-100 µF
- Frequency: 5.12 Hz-10 MHz
- Sampling rate: 400 ms
- Dimension: 155 (L) x 75 (W) x 33 (D) mm
- Power source: Two batteries AA 1.5V
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